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Laser eye surgery can provide long-term vision correction for qualifying candidates. These popular elective procedures can make it possible to see clearly again without wearing glasses or contact lenses.

At Total Vision Willow Glen, formerly i-Care Optometry, our eye doctors will consult with you to determine if laser eye surgery could benefit you and help prepare you for the process if you’re a strong candidate. Learn more today by booking your consultation with us.

How Laser Eye Surgery Works

People whose eyes are shaped abnormally typically experience vision problems because incoming light can’t focus properly. Laser eye surgery reshapes specific tissues just beneath the eye’s surface so light can focus on the retina and allow for clearer vision.

Popular Forms of Laser Eye Surgery

2 of the most popular kinds of laser eye surgery are:


The most popular type of laser eye surgery is LASIK, which involves using a computerized laser to cut a thin flap in the cornea and reshape the tissue underneath. Once this tissue has been adjusted, the flap is replaced so it can heal.

Most people recover quickly from LASIK, enjoying clear vision in under 24 hours—although full recovery may take a few weeks. Among people who get LASIK to correct myopia or myopic astigmatism, the procedure has a satisfaction rate of more than 98%.


People with thin corneas may not be strong candidates for LASIK, but PRK can be a viable alternative. Like LASIK, PRK is performed with a computerized laser—but instead of cutting a flap in the cornea, PRK involves removing the cornea’s outer layer completely before reshaping the tissue beneath it.

After PRK, the cornea’s outermost layer grows back over time. This process can take several months, and most patients will need up to 3 weeks of rest before resuming regular activities. However, the rate of long-term satisfaction for PRK is excellent.

How Laser Eye Surgery Consultation Works

Your eye doctor will be able to determine your candidacy for laser eye surgery by considering several factors, including:

  • How thick your cornea is
  • Whether your vision is still changing
  • The type, number, and severity of your vision problems
  • Your individual and family medical history

If you are a strong candidate for laser eye surgery, the next step is to help you understand all potential outcomes. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed. Then, if you wish to continue with the process, we’ll connect you with the ophthalmologist who will perform your surgery and provide support from beginning to end during your journey.

After your surgery, you’ll also need to visit us for a few follow-up appointments. These appointments can help you achieve a smoother and more consistent recovery as you heal from your procedure.

Focus On Your Life Again

With laser eye surgery, your vision problems could become a thing of the past. Find out more when you contact us to book your initial consultation with one of our experienced eye doctors.

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